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What is Leak Detection?

     Let me guess, you've never heard of leak detection? Most people don't know specialists like us even exist until they need us! High water bill and no signs of water surfacing? Hearing the sound of running water in the walls when no water is in use? Hot water heater always running? Pool loosing excessive amounts of water or chemicals? These are all signs you could have a leak in your home or pool! Sometimes the source of the leak can be obvious, but when it’s not, that is where we come in...

     EB Leak Detection has over 10 years experience of identifying and locating over 5,000 mystery/concealed leaks using the latest electronics. Our state-of-the-art detection equipment allows us to find even the most frustrating, head-scratching leaks. We test indoor and outdoor plumbing systems as well as pools, spas, and fountains. Our Hi-Tech equipment takes the guess work out of the job and allows us to locate Underground leaks (even under concrete!) with pinpoint accuracy. We also provide great peace of mind to home buyers who want to ensure the house (and possibly pool) they are about to purchase is leak free.

Underground Pipe Leaks

     High water bill and water meter running? Hearing water running in the walls? Hot spots on the floor? Wet spots in the lawn that won't dry up? Buying a house? This is the test for you! Our high tech leak detection uses state of the art equipment to pinpoint concealed plumbing leaks buried deep underground (even under cement!) or hidden within the structure of the house. We use pressure testing to analyze the health of your water or gas lines and locate those wasteful and harmful water and gas leaks. Don't let a small leak go unchecked and turn into a huge utility bill or even worse huge damage!

Pools, Spas and Water Features

     Even in the blazing heat of the Sacramento sun, a pool will typically lose less than 1/4” of water per day. If you feel like you’re losing more than that in a 24hr period you likely have a leak. Are you filling your pool too much? Have unbalanced chemicals or salt levels? Trouble keeping the pool pump primed? these are all potential signs your pool may have a leak. The pool leak detection is a thorough inspection of your pools vital components. This service includes Pressure testing the essentials of  the pool plumbing to identify any underground/hidden pipe leaks. In addition, Dye testing is performed to check for leaks within the pool's structure. Additional/optional pool features, cold water dives and some waterfall testing may require additional testing time. Message or call for a quote today

Bath, Kitchen & Laundry

     Have you noticed warped flooring, baseboards or discolored drywall in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room? Our thorough leak detection will meticulously test individual areas of your Shower, Bathtub, Sinks, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, and Washing Machines to pinpoint the source of the leak to so it may then be repaired to prevent further damage to your home. High Tech tools such as inspection cameras, ultrasound devices, thermal imaging and moisture meters take the guess work out of identifying your leak issue.

Rain and Mystery leaks

      Have an annoying leak that shows up every year with the rain? Our Thermal imaging testing can discover moisture trails behind the drywall typically hidden to the eye to help identify the point of entry for damaging rain related leaks whether they stem from the roof, window, doors, or siding. The thermal imaging paired with moisture meter technology allows us to narrow down the leak entry point without opening unnecessary holes in your walls or ceiling.

Utility Locating

     Planning on major digging in the yard and want to make sure you stay clear of all your unmarked underground water and gas lines? Utility Line locating is used to locate underground electrical lines, metal water and gas pipes, tracer wires, and can even trace sprinkler signal control wires in attempt to locate old buried sprinkler valves. This service can help avoid serious or costly accidents when digging or trenching through the yard. This process is achieved by charging the pipe with an electrical frequency that can then picked up by a special receiver allowing the path of the utility line to be traced and marked.

Pipe & Leak Repair

   EB Leak Detection is a licensed, bonded and insured California plumber (Lic. #1050129) that specializes in leak detection and repair for your indoor plumbing, irrigation systems, pools and water features. EB Leak Detection's initial detection service will pinpoint your leak source at which time, if applicable, an estimate for repair will be given for a minimally invasive plumbing spot repair, line re-plumb or pool/spa structural repair.

    Have more leak related questions or want a quote? Call, Email, Text or Direct Message us today!

Home/Irrigation Plumbing


     EB Leak Detection was launched in 2018 by Erik Beck, a young plumber with over 10 years of experience and thousands of leak detections and plumbing repairs under his belt. Erik personally has found leaks in residential and commercial indoor and outdoor plumbing systems including, Main Water Service Lines, Hot and Cold Water Lines, Radiant Heating, Sewer Lines, Gas Lines, Fire Suppression Systems, Irrigation Systems, as well as Pools, Spas, Ponds and Water Features. Additionally Erik is accustomed to the high tech tools of the trade such as ultrasonic microphones, pipeline locators, molecular analyzers, thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters which all help in the end goal of quickly and accurately locating your problem leak.

     EB Leak Detection has established a reputation in the Leak Detection industry as experienced, knowledgeable, personable and professional with a firm belief in old school customer service including prompt arrival times, thorough guaranteed leak detections, and friendly, clean-cut technicians.

    Whether your leak problem is in your home, business or pool, let EB Leak Detection help solve your leak problem correctly the first time with 5-Star service.

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